Akasaka Impression(2018)-Tbs Internship

I went to Tokyo for a 45 days internship at TBS during 2018 summer. I created a 1-min film for a 432-inch by 81-inch monitor and I used the real sense of Tokyo Akasaka in the film.

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Akasaka impresiom[00-00-16][20180823-154

Password: Tian

Between us(2017)

A warm story about relationship.


Password: Tian

The Monster(2017)

The story is about urbanization of my hometown. My hometown used to be a beautiful place with full of river and forest, because of the urbanization forests decrease rapidly. The increasing building just like a big monster eating my hometown.

Password: Tian

world in mind(2016)

I used a combination of stop motion animation and 2D animation. I mainly want to explore the change of mental state. When a person’s mood changes, she thinks this world changes. When she is blue, her room can move for her, and sunshine can break for her, and the flowers are wilting in her mind even if they are in bloom in fact. 


Dream in portofino(2017)


Puppet design(2016)

I Never Picked Cotton (2019)